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What is the "Universal Declaration of Mankind Rights"?

The time has come to recognize the rights and duties of mankind. Why so? Because, although our societies differ in their cultures, their religions, their history, what they have in common is this: they belong to one and same planet and therefore depend on or at least live in interdependence with it. What they have in common, with a few individual exceptions, is making of respect for human life a cardinal rule that leads to rejecting barbarism and seeking peace. This observation, which integrates both the consequences of globalization and the ecological issue, starting with the challenges linked to climate change, makes it essential for a legal text be drafted defining the rights and duties which are instrumental to meeting such an obligation.

A “Declaration of Mankind Rights” is thus an imperative: indeed, it finds its source in the 1789 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Climate change and the connected issues raise the question of the responsibility of our generation as regards the future generations as well as Nature. Violence we witness at global level makes it even more urgent a challenge.

The time has therefore come to lay down the rights and duties of mankind to ensure its survival, in peace and dignity. Civil society is committed to it through cities, associations that support this initiative wished by the French Presidency of COP21. It is now up to the States to embark on this path that conditions a sustainable development of human societies.