4 Principles

Principles of responsibility, equity and solidarity, also of dignity, of continuity and of non-discrimination.

6 Rights

The Declaration proclaims the right of humanity and of all living species to exist and live in an environment which is clean and ecologically sustainable and to the preservation of common goods.

6 Duties

Duties which aim to ensure the sustainability of life on earth, while ensuring respect for the rights of humanity and of the individual.

Welcome to the Website of the Universal Declaration of Humankind Rights

The idea is to develop a text which is accepted by the 195 states of the United Nations and marks visible progress. This declaration has now come into existence and we aspire to see it adopted.

The Declaration is not a convention and would be non-binding in nature for the States which choose to adopt it.

This is the next step, as was the case with the Declaration of the Rights of the Child approximately thirty years ago, which later gave place to the Convention on the Rights of the Child twenty years after. Similarly, the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights is simply a declaration, but has played a role in molding our individual rights for over half a century.

The Universal Declaration of Humankind Rights has not been designed to replace the existing texts, but to act as a complementary text establishing certain rights and duties which are not merely individual, but collective.

The Declaration proposes the creation of interdependence between living species, to ensure the right to exist and the right of humanity to live in a healthy and ecologically sustainable environment.

We are aware that this is only the beginning of the road. If this declaration were adopted, it would serve, first of all, as a source of ethical standards. The next step would be to establish how to sanction breaches of these principles, but this is not where we are at currently.

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